“Lack of planning, guidance hampering online higher education”

Members of the University Teachers’ Network made the remarks during a virtual press briefing on Thursday

According to a group of teachers, the lack of precise planning and integrated guidance for the correct implementation of online courses at universities across the country is hampering education and creating a precarious environment for students and teachers. teachers who lack the necessary facilities and tools.

Members of the University Teachers’ Network made the remarks during a virtual press briefing Thursday.

Considering the Covid-19 situation, they have made some proposals and observations so that the Department of Education and the University Grants Commission (UGC) can form unified guidelines so that there is no discrimination in education and that the participation of all be ensured.

They said teaching and research activities at public universities have been closed for the past three and a half months from mid-March of this year due to the coronavirus and lack of proper management and guidance on conducting online courses.

However, UGC carried out a survey for online courses in April, but no specific plans or full instructions have been issued to fully open the universities, they added.

They claimed that launching special online education activities as an emergency measure is a key factor in overcoming the risk of session blocking and other issues, but universities are not benefiting from this approach by due to unplanned, unprepared and discriminatory administrative decisions and pressures.

They suggested that the university’s apex body should recognize the difficulties faced by universities, students, as well as teachers and provide the necessary prerequisite tools for online courses in the current context.

In the briefing, Professor Anu Muhammad said, “If students cannot attend online classes due to lack of food, health care, jobs and housing, then the current inequality in the education will increase.

“But the government will have to take action to reduce this discrimination. “

“Our Minister of Education once told us that things might not get better until September. However, in the meantime, UGC lobbied for online courses. Meanwhile, national university authorities said they were unable to conduct virtual education, but for some reason decided to release the exam schedule. This proves the lack of planning and preparation, ”he added.

He urged the government to establish a uniform system guaranteeing access to education for all.

DU Prof Samina Lutfa and Rajshahi University professor Bakhtiar Ahmed read the written statement during the press conference.

Among others, Professor Kamrul Hasan Mamun, Kazi S Farid, Sharmi Hossain, Avinu Kibria Islam, Sittul Muna Hasan, Khadija Mitu and Arifuzzaman Rajib were present at the event.

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