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Liz Cheney compared to Rachel Dolezal in SNL Sketch

The latest episode of “SNL” compared Liz Cheney to Rachel Dolezal, a woman who sparked controversy in 2015 for identifying as African American when she was a white woman.

During a skit featuring a game show titled “Republican or Not,” hosted by a character played by Kenan Thompson, contestants were forced to guess whether a person was a Republican or not based on short statements such as ” I think Facebook is bad “and” I respect professional athletes who stand up for their beliefs. In response to the first one, a contestant played by host Simu Liu asked, “Because they spread misinformation or because they have banned Donald Trump? ”

After the person said, “I hate cops,” a contestant played by “SNL” actor Ego Nwodim guessed he was a Republican, but Thompson’s host revealed the man was talking about those cops throwing at a photo of the January 6 uprising in the capital.

The last person on the show was Liz Cheney, played by Cecily Strong, who said, “I’m a member of Congress from Wyoming. I am approved by the NRA and have an 80% American Conservative Union rating, ”before adding that she is the daughter of Dick Cheney. But when Liu’s candidate guessed she was a Republican, Thompson’s host said he was wrong. “The Wyoming Republican Party actually dismissed Representative Cheney this week for opposing Donald Trump,” the host explained.

When Cheney protested that she was actually a Republican, Thompson hit back, “You could tell everyone, but that’s not what other Republicans say. Like it or not, you are the Rachel Dolezal of the Republican Party.

After a final protest, Thompson called out to the kicker, “We’ll see you on MSNBC in about a week.”

Cheney was severely rejected by the Tories for refusing to support Donald Trump and for voting to impeach him. On November 13, the Wyoming Republican Party officially voted to stop recognizing Cheney as a Republican.

Watch the sketch in the video above.