Mark Dobmeier targets 2021 as he recovers from July crash

BRANDON, SD (KELO) – Mark Dobmeier won the last race at Huset’s Speedway before the track closed in spring 2017. When the beloved track reopened last Sunday, Dobmeier was in attendance. However, he was forced to watch the race return to Brandon’s track from the sideline.

Mark Dobmeier wanted nothing more than a run on Huset’s return last weekend, but instead he could only sign autographs and watch the grand reopening from afar.

“I’m so happy that the track is open again. There is life in the facilities, and we are still going to do some good shows here, but a little bit bitter right now because I can’t be much of it on the track, ”said the Sprint Car driver. Mark Dobmeier.

Dobmeier was involved in an accident at Cedar Lake Speedway in western Wisconsin on July 3.

“I went for a walk. A kind of barrel rolled several times. But what happened the last time the car landed was that it was really flat. When it does that, your suspension comes down, the frame hits the ground, and the only thing left to absorb the impact is your body, ”Dobmeier said.

“A lot of injuries in the race, these are the ones that look horrible are the ones they get away from, and the ones that look pretty straightforward are the ones they seem to get injured in,” Med-Star Dirt Track Racing Rescue Team Director Said Jay Masur.

Jay Masur was part of the Med-Star Rescue team that came to the aid of Dobmeier.

“No one really knows the severity of the injury at the time. All we can do is assume the worst and deal with the worst, then hope for the best, ”Masur said.

Dobmeier burst his L-4 vertebrae and fractured his L-3 vertebrae. It could have been worse.

“I was in a fragile state. Just one wrong move and that would have been paralysis, ”said Dobmeier.

He underwent back surgery at Regions Hospital in St. Paul shortly after his accident.

“What the doctor said was when that vertebra broke, it sort of went off like a gunshot, or some kind of shotgun shell. It kind of exploded, but it created a cavity where they said the nerve endings and the spinal cord were able to squeeze in and absorb some of that impact so as not to cut themselves, ”Dobmeier said.

Dobmeier says it will be a three to six month payback, but as soon as he’s ready he’ll be back on the track.

“I’m going to do all the PT I can and do all I can to be in the best shape for the spring of next year,” said Dobmeier.

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