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Maya Jama’s New Game Show Baffles Audiences

Maya Jama’s new musical game show airs on ITV tonight (Sunday December 12) in which artists compete for a £500,000 prize, with Gary Barlow, Alesha Dixon, Dawn French and Craig David judging.

Many viewers struggle to understand the show’s rules, with some even claiming that certain performers might end up with an advantage as the competition progresses.

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The rules of the show are as follows, at the beginning of the week (Sunday December 12), the artists compete and the public then votes for their favorite number.

That act will then have the option to make a choice, they can stay in the competition and have a chance to win £500,000 or they can leave the competition with £10,000.

The winner of tonight’s show was Ella Rothwell, she had to make the tough decision whether to take £10,000 off the competition or compete again against four new challengers on tomorrow night’s edition. She chose to “Walk The Line” in tomorrow night’s edition.

What the public doesn’t understand is that if someone performs on Thursday night they surely have an advantage as they only have to go to the next day and then on Friday the winner takes home £500,000. Tonight’s winner, Ella, will have to turn up every night this week for a chance to win £500,000.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts, with some even wondering if the judges were necessary.

Twitter user @imnickbarnes said: “So wait if they want to #WalkTheLine they have to come back every night and win. But doesn’t that potentially give whoever is Thursday/Friday an easier ride? Or am I thick?”

Another Twitter user @kingofsunshine said, “I’m still a little/a lot confused. What’s going on ? #WalkTheLine »

@Ianforsure said “did I miss something? If the public decides, what’s the point of the jury? #WalkTheLine”

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