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Mizkif discusses cheating on Schooled! quiz show, says streamers don’t want to be perceived as stupid

Popular Twitch streamer Mizkif addressed rampant cheating on his quiz show, Schooled!and explained why he thinks various streamers acted outside of the show’s rules.

The game show produced by OTK Schooled! tests the knowledge of eight candidate streamers in common school subjects, such as math, social studies, science and geography. From K-12, the questions get progressively harder as the potential reward, in the form of gifted subs, also increases.

Googling answers, using outside help, or using calculators during math questions is not allowed. This did not stop previous competitors, however. Now in the second season of the show, Schooled! had a persistent issue with streamer cheating. The problem came up once again after the last show when two contestants, Mia Malkova and TheNicolet, were both caught cheating.

In response to the backlash both streamers were receiving, Mizkif explained that he doesn’t believe streamers cheat for money but rather to challenge stereotypes. “It’s just a stupid mistake,” Mizkif said. “I think one of the reasons some people cheat is because they don’t want people to think they’re stupid because people perceive streamers as stupid.”

The OTK co-founder went on to explain that this reason was particularly poignant for female streamers. “It’s especially about women,” Mizkif said. “A lot of times people say ‘oh wow, this girl, all she knows is her boobs. They want to prove they’re not just a girl with boobs. They want to prove themselves.'”

The Schooled! The host went on to say that he was often aware of when streamers were cheating on his show, but he didn’t want to call them out in front of a large live audience.