More infections inside village declare COVID games open

On the same day, Victoria recorded 52,283 tests for 16 cases. NSW recorded 62,860 tests and 78 cases, a positive infection rate of 0.12%.

Thousands of Olympians, officials and media arriving in Tokyo had to perform free daily COVID tests but for members of the public outside the Olympic bubble, getting a test is an ongoing challenge.

A test at a private Japanese clinic costs 30,000 yen or $ 375.

Like much of the world, Japan’s battle with the virus has been reshaped by the emergence of the worrying Delta variant, which is estimated to be 60% more contagious than the previous British Alpha variant which, in turn, was twice more contagious. like the original Wuhan strain.

Scientists at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases estimated earlier this month that a third of all new COVID-19 cases in Tokyo were the Delta strain. They predicted that by the end of this month that figure would rise to 74% and that in August the worrying variant would represent all new cases.

The difficulty of stopping epidemics in a village of high-rise athletes is akin to managing the Delta variant in quarantine hotels that share recirculated, air-conditioned air between rooms.

Australian team chief of mission Ian Chesterman said although South Africans remain close to the Australian camp, there was no reason to panic.

“The athletes are really calm,” he said. “They have been well prepared for the fact that there will most likely be a case of COVID in the village. We know that the protocols we have in place are designed to ensure their security.


“We are obviously on alert around the village. We are not complacent around the village. We are very determined to do everything possible to ensure the safety of our athletes. ″ ⁣

Tokyo now faces the simultaneous challenge of trying to keep its health response on track while dealing with the worsening public relations fallout from the decline in local popularity of the Games.

Japanese titans Panasonic, Nippon, Fujitsu and NEC joined Toyota on Tuesday to announce they will skip the opening ceremony. Toyota, one of the main sponsors of the Games, announced on Monday that it would also withdraw its television commercials about the Olympics.

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