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SANTA ANA, Calif .– An Army veteran has been charged with kidnapping three Orange County women from running tracks in an Aliso Viejo park and suffocating them, unconscious, raping one of the women and attempted to sexually assault the other two. The man is also suspected of other crimes in Riverside and San Diego counties.

The spate of sexual assaults on women along the walking and running trails in Aliso Viejo began in January 2020 and continued until at least August 2021. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has released two composite drawings of the attack suspect in the hope of identifying the sexual predator. terrorizing women along the trails.

September 4, 2021, Robert daniel yucas, 51, of Cathedral City in Riverside County has been identified as a suspect in a crime committed in San Diego. DNA collected as a result of this incident matches DNA from two of Aliso Viejo’s attacks.

Yucas, who is a pilot of the Kalitta Air cargo plane, was arrested Thursday in Anchorage, Alaska, after a return flight from China. He is awaiting his extradition to California.

Yucas was charged with three counts of kidnapping for committing a sexual offense, one count of forcible rape, one count of attempted rape and three counts of assault with intent to commit a sexual offense.

He faces a maximum sentence of 39 years in life plus 6 years in state prison if convicted on all counts.

On January 20, 2020, a 24-year-old woman was at Woodfield Park in Aliso Viejo to skateboard when a man later identified as Yucas asked her for directions. As the woman pulled out her phone, Yucas is accused of grabbing the woman in a choke and dragging her through the bushes next to the walking path. The woman passed out and woke up to find that she had been raped.

On April 2, 2020, a 32-year-old woman was running in Woodfield Park when a man later identified as Yucas grabbed her from behind and put her in a choke. Yucas is accused of dragging the woman into the bushes in an attempt to rape her, but the woman managed to push him away.

On August 28, 2021, a 41-year-old woman was in Woodfield Park when a man grabbed her and put her in a choke. The woman passed out and woke up in the bushes next to a walking path with her pants down.

Anonymous advice to OC Crime Stoppers led investigators to the September 4, 2021 incident in San Diego that ultimately led to the detection of DNA that matched the suspect of that attack with the suspect of the Orange County attacks. Collaboration between law enforcement, including the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, and the San Diego, Anchorage and Cathedral City Police Departments, made the arrest possible.

Authorities are asking anyone with additional information regarding Yucas or any other victim to call the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Sexual Assault Unit at 714-647-7419. Yucas lived in Aliso Viejo before moving to Cathedral City in Riverside County and he is known to spend time in San Diego County.

“The three victims in this case were doing things that many of us do every day. But the suspect kidnapped these victims, strangled them, sexually assaulted them and changed their lives forever, ”said Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes. “Thank you to the Orange County Crime Lab, Orange County Crime Stoppers, San Diego Police Department, and Anchorage International Airport Police and Fire Department for their assistance in identifying and making this arrest. We all want to live in a neighborhood where we feel safe to do something as simple as taking a walk. With this arrest we have regained a little piece of that sense of safety. “

“Sexual predators don’t stop until we stop them,” Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said. “An entire community lived in fear of being the next victims to be taken off a trail, suffocated, unconscious and raped. The bravery of an anonymous informant in providing information about this predator led to his capture and likely prevented other women from being sexually assaulted. These women endured unimaginable horror at the hands of a stranger who hunted them like prey. Now that this sexual predator is behind bars, my job is to make sure he is held accountable for these heinous crimes to the fullest extent of the law. The way we keep him from hurting other women is by keeping him behind bars for the rest of his life.

Assistant District Attorney Raquel Cooper of the Sexual Assault Unit is continuing this case.

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