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New Star Wars game reportedly delayed to 2027

After years of EA exclusivity, the in-game world of Star Wars has finally opened up for other developers to explore. Assassin’s Creed Publisher Ubisoft is currently hard at work on an open-world title in the galaxy far, far away. Meanwhile, Detroit: Become Human Developer Quantic Dream recently revealed a High Republic experience titled Star Wars: Eclipse.

The pre-Skywalker Saga High Republic era has seen a significant push from Lucasfilm in recent years with an interconnected publishing effort across comics and novels, as well as The Acolyte A rumored Disney+ series and movie are on the way.


Quantic Dream unveiled its action-adventure Eclipse headline at the 2021 Game Awards ceremony with a cinematic trailer featuring Coruscant, Yoda, galactic space battles and two lightsaber-wielding Jedi.

Although it has already unveiled its first trailer, Eclipse was still apparently still years away from its release, but a recent report indicated that it could be even further away than previously thought.

Star Wars Eclipse gets a disappointing update

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According to an exclusive report from Xfire’s Tom Henderson, Quantic Dream’s High Republic set Star Wars: Eclipse is slated for release in 2027 or 2028 due to difficulties recruiting staff for the next-gen project.


As of December 2021, Quantic Dream had over 60 vacancies available at the French studio, which remains the case today with 67 vacancies currently listed on its site.

The news comes after years of accusations of sexual harassment and a toxic work culture being leveled at the French studio.

Following the reported release delay, “#BlackoutStarWarsEclipse” began trending on Twitter in response to the controversy surrounding the studio.


What future for Star Wars games?

Given that Eclipse doesn’t look set to release for at least another five years, it’s unclear why Quantic Dream chose to release the first cinematic trailer so soon. Perhaps the decision was made less to get fans excited, and more to entice developers to join the team with the promise of working on a Star Wars game.

Regardless of this unfortunate development for Eclipsethe future remains bright for Star Wars players.

TT Games is currently gearing up to release its LEGO adaptation of the Skywalker saga next month, while the next AAA adventure in the galaxy far, far away appears to be EA’s. Jedi: Fallen Order sequel released this year or next. Although before that, Zynga should drop its arena fighter Hunters for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.


EA has even more Star Wars projects planned for the coming years, including a strategy game and an all-new first-person shooter, seemingly separate from the publisher’s controversial reboot. battle front franchise.

With so many Star Wars games on the horizon for years to come, the five-year wait for Eclipse should be at least somewhat tolerable for fans. Overall, the many titles announced point to a great diversity of genres, styles and eras, which should satisfy fans from all corners of the galaxy.

Star Wars: Eclipse should be released in 2027 or 2028 for next-gen consoles and PCs.