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New upcoming entertainment venue in Dallas is game show themed

There’s new entertainment in Dallas that’s perfect if you live for Wheel of Fortune Where family quarrel. Called Game Show Battle Roomsit’s a Minneapolis-based concept where participants compete in mini-versions of well-known game shows, and it’s opening its first Texas location just west of the Dallas Galleria at 4887 Alpha Rd. the Farmers Branch.

According to a spokesperson, it will open in mid-2022.

Game Show Battle Rooms was founded in 2017 by two college buddies who created a place where you and your friends can compete in their versions of popular game shows such as Wheel of Phrases (Wheel of Fortune) and friendly quarrel (family quarrel). They opened the first location in Minneapolis and have since opened Game Show Battle Rooms in Milwaukee and Kansas City.

Each facility is equipped with mini-arena game rooms, where parties can sign up for an hour or 90 minutes to compete under the guidance of an enthusiastic game show host, complete with bells and whistles to get closer to what game show flair.

Other compelling loot includes custom name tags and a dashboard. Winners can’t take home a car or even an oversized teddy bear, but they can take a picture with the champion’s trophy and appear on the Wall of Fame.

There are five games in total; the other three are Name that Price, Million Dollar Trivia, and Minute Games.

Game Show Battle Rooms pursues the team building market and welcomes companies, clubs and teams by appointment on weekdays. It is also billed as a destination for birthdays, bachelor parties and other celebrations, and on weekends groups of up to 12 people can come and play.

Dallas has witnessed an onslaught of over-the-top entertainment concepts, from ax throwing to pickleball to escape rooms. (In fact, there’s an Ultimate Escape Game facility in the same hub where Game Show Battle Rooms is slated to open.) There’s also some serious nostalgia going on right now for game shows and vintage TV shows, including a visit to The price is right and another tour recreating the hit TV show Friends.