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No console required, with Samsung’s all-in-one game hub on your Samsung smart TV – Samsung Global Newsroom

To kick off the series, Samsung Newsroom sat down with developers and strategic planners from Samsung Gaming Hub,1 which combines the power of streaming and gaming in one place. From the story of the platform’s development to insights into their favorite games now available on Samsung smart TVs, the experts behind Samsung Gaming Hub share the inside story of Samsung’s new all-in-one cloud gaming experience .

Enhance your gaming visuals with the Neo QLED

Samsung continues to be at the forefront of innovation in Smart TV technology, driven by the goal of providing consumers with ever more and better entertainment options. As a result, the company decided to explore new gaming features that could be enjoyed specifically on Samsung smart TVs.

In 2018, Samsung broke new ground by becoming the first in the industry to implement Auto Game Mode on TVs. Since then, Samsung has been leading the way in the development of smart TVs focused on enhancing the gaming experience. As a result, for the past four years, Samsung has won CES Innovation Awards in the gaming category. Additionally, Neo QLED proved its technological prowess last year by becoming the first TV to receive certification for gaming TV performance from Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), a renowned electrical engineering certification institute in Germany.

Recognition for VDE Gaming TV Performance is granted based on the qualities of “Low Input Lag” and “HDR with brightness above 1000 nits”.

Input lag refers to the time it takes for an input command on a gamepad to appear on screen. The shorter the input lag, the faster the response speed, giving gamers more control over their gaming experience. Input lag for Samsung’s Neo QLED was 10ms or less in all game segments, meeting or exceeding assessment standards at all levels.

The TV has also been recognized for its technological advancements in HDR. Neo QLED delivers optimal contrast by making brighter screens even brighter and darker screens even darker. This technology has earned Neo QLED VDE certification.

In addition, since last year, the entire range of Neo QLED is equipped with the AMD FreeSync Premium Pro function. another industry first. The FreeSync Premium delivers smooth yet vivid picture quality by reducing or eliminating input lag, screen lagging, and screen distortion while connecting your gaming console or PC to the TV screen . Thus, users can enjoy smooth and tear-free racing games with Neo QLED.

The best of the game, all in one place

With the hardware in place, powerful software is the next step to upgrading any home gaming rig. Launching on June 30, the Samsung Gaming Hub will be the ultimate home for gaming, using only your TV.

The Gaming Hub is the new section of the Smart Hub dedicated to the latest games. Acting as a go-to streaming platform, the Samsung Gaming Hub displays popular games, recently played games, and recommendations just for you. all in one, convenient place. No console is required. Players can simply select any game on screen and play instantly. They won’t even have to wait for the game to download. It’s all there, right away. The Samsung Gaming Hub also supports multitasking, allowing users to explore videos or listen to music while playing games.

▲ Heej Chung, GEM PM of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics

“The biggest advantage is that users can enjoy streaming games through Samsung smart TVs and monitors without having to purchase additional equipment,” said Heej Chung. “In other words, it’s a comprehensive gaming service where users can simultaneously enjoy gaming content and experiences on Samsung Smart TVs.”

“The way we watch videos has evolved from playing VHS tapes and installing set-top boxes to subscribing to OTT services and streaming videos. Likewise, the way we play games has shifted to cloud gaming,” Chung said. “Just as Samsung TVs have evolved with the way we watch videos, we want to provide a better gaming experience for users.”

The future of games, for everyone

The Samsung Gaming Hub is attracting the attention of users around the world as it provides users with instant and seamless access to a wide variety of games. By partnering with NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Google Stadia, and Utomik, Samsung offers a selection of gamer-loved games available on demand.

However, the benefits don’t stop there. the time, money, and hassle of buying compatible gear for different consoles, and the lengthy process of installing and uninstalling games for storage space reasons, are all solved with the Samsung GamingHub.

▲ JunHo Hwang, Software R&D Lab of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics

“In the past, we had to buy separate equipment to play exclusive games,” said Junho Hwang. “Additionally, players who purchased the DL (downloaded) version of games often had to delete previously installed games to secure enough storage to install new ones.”

“However, with the Samsung Gaming Hub, users can explore and play games offered by our various partner companies without purchasing a separate console,” Hwang said. “Since the games are streamed, users don’t have to worry about storage space or installation time at all.”

▲ Jay Park, GEM PM of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics

This makes the gaming industry because everyone can play and enjoy CPU-intensive games even without a PC. “Samsung Gaming Hub provides cloud gaming, so users don’t have to worry about minimum system requirements or recommended configurations,” said Jay Park. “With low latency mode and AI scaling, we’ve improved performance and resolution, which are the most important aspects of cloud gaming.”

Stream Xbox straight to your TV

The news that surprised gamers the most this year was the collaboration agreement between Samsung Electronics and Microsoft. Through this partnership, Samsung’s Gaming Hub has become the world’s first smart hub to include the Xbox app. This means that the user of Samsung Smart TV 2022 can enjoy exclusive Xbox games without having to buy a console.

▲ Juyeon Park, GEM PM of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics

“I have been a gamer since I was a child in elementary school, so this has been the most enjoyable and exciting project for me. I hope many gamers will feel free to play these games without worrying to buy materials,” said Juyeon Park.

Top video game picks from Samsung developers

As more and more home gamers turn to gaming on large, high-resolution displays, we wanted to know What are the best games to play on Samsung smart TVs?

Hwang recommends “It Takes Two,” a game where the main characters, Cody and May, work as a couple and attempt to escape a fantasy world and return to Rose, their daughter. “The storyline has to do with family, and it’s also not that hard to play,” Hwang said. “It’s a fun game to play with family members new to video games.”

For solo players, Jay Park recommends “Forza Horizon 5”, a racing game chosen by more than 10 million players. “The game is set in Mexico, so it’s ideal for enjoying the natural scenery overseas. You can also play with expensive cars without worrying about taking care of them, so it’s quite cathartic,” Park said. “I played this game while testing out the Gaming Hub, and time flew by. I was so drawn into the experience.

Fun for the whole family

We live in a world these days where our TV instantly connects us to thrilling action movies or news from around the world, all the time. While quality equipment is important, what matters most to consumers is quality content.

“We came up with the idea for the Samsung Gaming Hub so that anyone, along with their friends and family, can start playing games just like people naturally turn on a TV at home,” said Heej Chung. “I hope the Samsung Gaming Hub will be a starting point to bring the joy of gaming to all users, not just gamers.”

The visionaries behind Samsung Gaming Hub have also underscored their determination to expand content experiences. “We will continue to add more content and update new features. We are just beginning, so we hope many people will show encouragement and interest so that this service can grow further.

The Samsung Gaming Hub invites you into a new world of gaming. Stay tuned for more updates from the Samsung Newsroom, find out what’s happening next in the Samsung Gaming Hub, and tips on building your ideal home play station.

1 Gaming Hub is available in the following countries/regions: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Korea, and Brazil.