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NYX Game Awards Presents Its 2022 Annual Winners

NYX Game Awards 2022: Season 2 winners announced

NYX Game Awards 2023 Calling for Nominations Now

NYX Game Awards 2023 Calling for Nominations Now

The highly anticipated NYX Game Awards have finally announced their winners for the entire 2022 which transcends all expectations.

With the massive leap of diverse gameplay and stunning visuals, the gaming industry will only continue to stun us as we move towards a future where games are an essential part of life.

— Thomas Brandt, IAA spokesperson

NEW YORK, NY, USA, November 3, 2022 / — The highly anticipated NYX Game Rewards has finally announced its winners for all of 2022 that transcends all expectations and has spawned a new generation of game developers alongside its groundbreaking video games. The International Awards Associate (IAA) has released its list of winners to the public and continues to uphold its reputation for praising and celebrating unprecedented gaming excellence.

The awards program has received an array of video game entries from over 30 countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, France, Finland, Australia , the Netherlands and many more. Only a few are selected for critical evaluation by the Grand Jury who will ultimately be crowned the winner of the 2022 Distinguished Awards program.

grand jury
The IAA has assembled a distinguished set of individuals from across the gaming industry to judge as a grand jury as they align with the reputation the awards program maintains for the gaming space. Each judge has a responsibility to be nonpartisan, whether from an established AAA or Indie title, as all participants are seen as formidable equals who share a passion for sculpting a generation of groundbreaking video games. These accomplished people include Karla Reyes (Niantic), Ahmad Al-Natsheh (Khosouf Studio Middle East FZ LLC), Aland Failde (Second Dinner Studios), Ed Mills (Hitcents), Xianzhe Li (WhisperGames), Kristi Ramot (360 Hydra OÜ) and much more.

“We are always talking about how technology is going to revolutionize the future of the gaming industry and I think all of the winners we are witnessing today at the NYX Game Awards have definitely cemented my beliefs that we will live in the game forever. future,” proclaims Thomas Brandt, spokesperson for the IAA. “With the massive leap of diverse gameplay and stunning visuals, the gaming industry will only continue to stun us as we move towards a future where games are an essential part of life.”

NYX 2022 Game of the Year and winner of special recognition
NYX Game Awards is thrilled to announce the Scepter Bearer of 2022, NYX Game of the Year at Dying Light 2 Stay Human by Techland after very careful evaluation by virtuous judges. The game itself demonstrated flawless gameplay that portrayed the labyrinthine storytelling that complements its skillful animation that sealed its fate as a winner who triumphs over the rest.

The Special Recognition Award went to Polyarc’s Moss: Book II for Best Indie Game of 2022 for its exceptional setting, as each scene is an immersive diorama itself accompanied by its captivating narration that perfectly captures the essence of the tale. This game managed to maintain its reputation by not rebuilding its formula and instead adding a few changes from its 2018 predecessor.

As a result, the revered annual awards program has seen a slew of winners who have the finesse and persistence of AAA titles and indie games around the world. Crowned winners of 2022 include: FIFA 22 (Electronic Arts), Angry Birds Journey (Rovio Entertainment Corporation), LEGO® Star Wars™: Castaways (Gameloft), Tandem: A Tale of Shadow’s (MONOCHROME), After The Fall (Vertigo Games), IXION (Kasedo Games), Temtem (Humble Games and Crema), I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and the Liar (Schell Games), Martha Is Dead (Wired Productions), Frozen Flame (Dreamside Interactive) and many others.

Visit the NYX Game Awards website to see the full list of winners:

“I, for one, hope to see many more budding pioneers in the years to come as the gaming industry has evolved and is continually blessed with remarkable gameplays that never fail to amaze the world,” Thomas said. . “This era of assorted video games has only invited a wider audience to dive into the gaming industry because there is a genre for everyone.”

NYX Game Awards 2023 is now calling for more award-winning titles to dominate the industry, with pre-registration deadline November 30, 2022, regular deadline January 18, 2023, final deadline February 15 2023, the final extension deadline on March 15, 2023 and official announcement of the winners on May 5, 2023.

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