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Ohio judge suspended for running ‘like a game show’

I don’t know how I would react if I walked into a courtroom and saw a judge’s bench that looked like my desk – covered in most things that looked like they came out of a quarter machine on the outside from the grocery store.

But for the people of Ohio, it was a reality with Judge Pinkey Carr (yes, that’s his real name) in Cleveland. For years, she acted like she was a daytime TV courtroom personality. The problem is, she is not oneand real lives are at stake with his decisions.

Justice Carr was recently suspended indefinitely because she was flagged for YEARS of offenses – what the Supreme Court of Ohio ruled “unprecedented fault”.

Investigators noted that Justice Carr conducted sessions, “in a way worthy of a game show host.”

“Judge Carr has been repeatedly flagged for disrespectful behavior in the courtroom, joking that she would grant defendants lighter sentences in exchange for food, drink, mats or storage space.

“On one occasion she called her usher ‘Miss Puddin’ of P-Valley’ – a reference to a character from a TV show about a fictional strip club in Mississippi.” – Local 12 News, Cleveland, Ohio

Judge Pinkey (which is the ONLY way I will refer to her from now on) also apparently kept his office in a pretty bad mess, “littered with bric-a-brac, dolls, mugs and novelty items”. His lawyer… HIS LAWYER… described it as “resembling a flea market.”

As if Judge Pinkey dorm desk from a bench wasn’t enough, she apparently showed up in court as a sophomore in college, wearing tank tops, t-shirts, spandex shorts and sneakers.

Listen, I want to feel comfortable at work. My work wardrobe consists mostly of concert tour shirts and hoodies. But as a JUDGE… in a real courtroom?

I mean, just imagine, if you were judged for something, and I walked out with my long hair slicked back, thick beard, in a Metallica T-shirt, ripped shorts and Vans? And my desk was covered in Funko Pops and quirky coffee mugs.

You can NEVER take me seriously.

Fortunately, Judge Pinkey was arrested, as things were going badly. During COVID, she was issuing arrest warrants for defendants who did not physically show up in court for their hearings, but instead attempted to call by videoconference — which is still acceptable in many situations.

Judge Pinkey also often conducted hearings when the prosecutor was not present. She was recorded once saying, “The prosecutor isn’t here. Let’s see how much we can get away with.”

Below is courtroom video from a conference in 2020 where the attorney attempted to reschedule a hearing due to the coronavirus. Judge Pinkey responded by denying his request – despite administrative orders saying such hearings can be postponed – then called him a “little idiot” when he was no longer in the room.

Luckily, she is undergoing sanity checks and, if successful, she could be reconfirmed on the bench.

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