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ONE PIECE Odyssey release date announced at Tokyo Game Show 2022

ONE PIECE Odyssey announced its release date at 2022 Tokyo Gaming Fair! Having originally planned a release date in 2022, ONE PIECE Odyssey will instead be available on January 12, 2023, with the Steam version arriving on January 13, 2022. This delay allows them to give more time to say the best A PLAY story they can, in essence.

Along with the release date, information about the different editions of the game and their bonuses that fans can try to get for themselves:

The standard set will include a variety of consumables and materials, as well as a set of costumes for characters featuring their previous appearances.

The Digital Deluxe set will come with more costumes and materials, as well as a DLC storyline as part of the “Expansion DLC set”.

Finally, the Asobi Store Collector’s Edition will come with all the previous bonuses as well as a scale figure of Luffy and Lim. As you can see, none of the prices have been revealed.

The Tokyo Game Show 2022 livestream showcased a bit more of the game’s mechanics:

  • Explore the world with various interactions, e.g. grab, jump, run
  • Fight demo where poor Usopp was knocked out
  • A slice of history where the crew encounter strange, hungry birds…

You can check out our little on-site demo impressions of the game here!