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‘Oscar Fighter’ – Will Smith Slap reimagined as a ‘Street Fighter’ type game

A video reimagining Will Smith’s slap on Chris Rock at the Oscars as street fighter style video game has gone viral on TikTok.

Smith was the subject of a number of memes and videos mocking his actions at the 94th Academy Awards on Sunday.

This latest effort comes from Bruno Scopazzo, a designer, VFX artist and broadcast graphics animator from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who decided to put his considerable talents to good use to create the parody video that channels the spirit of the popular game franchise. Capcom fight video.

The resulting clip was shared on TikTok under the bruscopa handle, where it has already been viewed over 958,000 times. It can be viewed here.

A pamphlet inspired by the incident and a video game familiar to millions, the clip sees Smith and Rock literally replacing two characters who feature in the early titles of arguably the franchise’s most popular entry, Street Fighter II.

Against the sounds of the game’s iconic soundtrack, the video sees a pixelated version of Smith punching a similar digitized version of Rock in a manner similar to that seen at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

The pixelated rock then sinks to the ground before Smith’s face can be seen turning to the viewers and smiling. The action then proceeds to the top of a skyscraper, much like in the original game, where the words “Oscar Fighter” are visible.

Presented in the same street fighter-font style with the words “insert coin” flashing near the bottom of the screen throughout, the attention to detail in the video is second to none and was clearly worth the effort, the clip hitting a deal on the networks social.

While some expressed annoyance with the focus on Smith’s actions and the relentless stream of online gags, fans were quick to praise Scopazzo’s wonderfully delivered efforts.

Mexicansuperman916 wrote, “How do people keep making these great memes”, with Broken_Paradise writing, “this is the best!” The video was literally a game-changer for crazychocolisto who said, “I’ll never play the game the same way again. I’ll think about it.”

Keltin2002, meanwhile, commented, “As tired as that Will Smith thing is……I have to admit it was a very impressive piece of work! Nice work.” BloodBathCEO said they “screamed with laughter at work” after watching the video, with a singular combination adding, “Just when I was done…the best is yet.”

It even left some nostalgic for their wasted youth with Matt Wagner writing, “Now I wanna go to the arcade”, while papaandjj ba said, “thanks for the laugh and memory flashback brother.”

Not everyone was entirely grateful, of course. CraigMcGuire78 said, “It’s cool, but some people have way too much free time.” Scopazzo replied, “Yeah! Some of them waste it and some make art out of it!” with fellow fan Joshrio78 agreeing it was “time well spent”.

The visual effects genius has since returned to TikTok to share another video showing off the painstaking making of Oscar Fighter’s music video. This video, which has already been viewed 200,000 times, can be viewed here.

Scopazzo said Newsweek“I’m a pretty nostalgic guy, I have a lot of pop culture going through my head most of the time, so I can quickly connect random things. The moment I saw that slap at the Oscars, the action and camera angle just rang a bell in my memory, and that Street Fighter II the intro came out immediately!”

He said he was driving late Monday when he decided to “do a little animation on this thing.” Knowing that time is running out, he went home and got to work, despite it being “almost midnight” when he sat at his computer. This attention to detail also kept him busy.

“The video took about five hours to make, just because I really like working on small details, especially when I’m working on something just for me,” he said. “I’m the artist and the client at the same time in these cases and that’s something I like to enjoy. It was a fun thing to do, I laughed every time I played it.”

Scopazzo said the trickiest part was keeping the original background behind the fighters, which required him to remove the original characters and fill the space with more crowds before laying down the animation. Rock and Smith on top.

He said he never wanted to go viral. “The key is to enjoy doing it,” he said. “It’s all about that.”

Asked what he thinks of the initial incident, Scopazzo said: “It would have been better for everyone there if Will had just responded to him with a good comeback. I don’t know if it would have been as effective as that slap, and probably we wouldn’t be talking about that in the whole world right now.”

The clip follows another viral video that appeared to show Best Actor nominee Andrew Garfield mimicking the Oscars slap.

Ahead of that, new footage giving viewers a deeper look at Jada Pinkett-Smith’s reaction to the incident also found its way onto TikTok.

Meanwhile, another video capturing Rock’s shocked behavior following the slap has also drawn attention on social media.

Visual effects artist Bruno Scopazzo created the Oscar-inspired gag, with some fans calling it “the best yet.”
Bruno Scopazzo/bruscopa

Update 04/01/22, 11:05 AM ET: This article has been updated with comment from Scopazzo.