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‘Peril!’ answer: Vancouver’s BC Place featured on a popular game show

An instantly recognizable feature of the Vancouver skyline was mentioned on a popular game show this week.

BC Place, the stadium that hosts the city’s Major League Soccer team, was part of a $400 question on “Jeopardy!” Tuesday evening.

The category was “In the Olympic city”, meaning that all responses were cities in which the Games were hosted.

The answer to that particular question was, “BC Place Stadium, where the Whitecaps crest.” While this may have confused some, contestant and episode winner Henry Rozycki got it right away.

“What is Vancouver?” he responded and won $7,200. During his two-day run on the show, he has racked up US$27,301 and will continue playing Wednesday night.

The question caught the attention of the Vancouver Whitecaps. The team posted on social media: “Great question (‘Jeopardy!’) Does anyone know the answer?”

The post was also shared by those who run the stadium’s Instagram account, who called it “the clue of the night”.

This isn’t the first time Vancouver has appeared on the show. A question about Seth Rogen, Vancouver-born actor puzzled players in September, and a misleading question about how long it takes to get from the US border to the city’s Stanley Park had locals scratch your head in July.

And the show isn’t the first to feature British Columbia.

About two years ago, a trip to an unlikely place in the province was awarded to a contestant on “The Price is Right.”

A California player won an all-expenses trip from Los Angeles to Prince George, but instead of showing the city, CBS showed him a photo of Lake Louise, Alberta.