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Ranking the 20 richest game show hosts of all time

Although he occasionally flirts with acting, music and stand-up comedy, Chris Hardwick’s professional career has largely consisted of hosting gigs. He first discovered his niche in 1994, when he hosted the short-lived MTV game show “Trashed.” However, it was when Hardwick co-hosted the dating show “Singled Out” alongside Jenny McCarthy — and later, Carmen Electra — that Hardwick really put himself on the map. He went on to host shows like “Shipmates,” “Web Soup,” the popular “Nerdist” podcast, and subsequent panel discussions on “The Walking Dead,” “Breaking Bad,” and more.

In terms of game shows, Hardwick finally returned to the format for the first time since “Trashed” when he began hosting “@midnight” in 2013. In it, comedians and other celebrities attempted to answer questions on today’s news and gossip headlines. with intentionally silly answers. Since 2016, he has also hosted the largely luck-based game show “The Wall” on NBC. Between his hosting gigs, acting, stand-up comedy, and helping build the entire Nerdist media footprint, Hardwick is currently worth around $25 million (per Celebrity Net Worth).