Reworked Destiny 2 Exotic Give Hand Cannons Insane Damage Buff

After the Season of the Lost update, Destiny 2 players find that a previously unused Exotic now causes an insane amount of damage.

fate 2 lucky pants mastered

It’s been a big week for fans of Destiny 2 as Bungie finally revealed The Witch Queen expansion, the next big chapter in the long-running game. Naturally, Savathun is going to be a big part of the experience, finally bringing light to his minions and creating Hive Guardians, who have their own super abilities to use against players. While the expansion is still a few months away, Season 15 also launched this week and appears to be sort of a prequel to the upcoming expansion.

With the queen awake, Mara Sov, back in the photo, players will attempt to help her fend off Xivu Arath’s forces and attempt to find answers to Savathun’s Endless Night ploy at the tower. In addition to the new story content, Season of the Lost also brought a significant update, balancing all kinds of elements including weapons, gear, and exotic items. A lot of underused and beloved Exotic gear has also been reworked, including the Lucky Pants focused on the Hunter’s Hand Cannon.

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The Season 15 rework for the Lucky Pants saw Bungie add an intrinsic Hand Cannon Holster mod, which gradually reloads the stowed weapon, and completely replaced its previous feature which essentially gave hand cannons better accuracy after switching and loaded a round into the chamber of the hand row guns after a precision shot. Now when players prepare a fully charged kinetic energy type or corresponding subclass, each hit increases the damage of the next hit for a short time.

As a result of this change, players have discovered that hand cannons are now capable of dealing massive damage. In fact, an article on the Destiny 2 SubReddit from user Raymancer states that the last word can end the Consecrated Spirit boss fight inside the Garden of Salvation in a single phase and the exotic Eriana’s Vow can deal 100,000 damage to Honored enemies Colossus Cabal. Naturally, players are able to make normally difficult or longer activities easier than Bungie probably expected. While the original Reddit post assumes a nerf is coming in, others in the comments aren’t so sure due to how fun it is now as well as how Bungie can specifically tune how it works. these Exotics, since Hawkmoon’s special trait is unaffected.

At this time, it’s unclear how Bungie will proceed and with Season 15 still so new, the studio will likely wait to collect more data before making any adjustments. In terms of overpowered weapons, later this year will see the return of the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, an infamous weapon that quickly became a fan favorite in Game One. Bungie has tried to temper expectations a bit by confirming that the weapon will be tuned and won’t be as powerful as longtime gamers will remember.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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