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“”RPG Developer Bakin” will be exhibited at Tokyo Game Show 2022 and will be played for the first time”

September 8, 2022 – Sapporo, Japan – Today, SmileBoom is pleased to announce that it will exhibit “RPG Developer Bakin”, an RPG creation tool that allows users to create games regardless of their programming knowledge, at the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2022 to be held from September 15, 2022 (JST). This will be the first opportunity to try out the tool, which will be available in early access on Steam on October 3, 2022 (PDT). At the same time, we will also introduce the “camera tool”, a feature of this tool, and additional features such as “applying a point light to a sub-graph”, requested by users.

About RPG Developer Bakin
“RPG Developer Bakin” is a game creation tool that combines ease of use and high functionality, allowing anyone to easily create games inspired by “your world”. It includes a map editor that allows you to create maps as if you were playing a game, an event creation system that controls the game by simply organizing panels with functions, a database that provides settings for detailed character state, advanced screen effect settings that can dramatically change scenery, and many more tools. Graphics and sound are also provided, so you can start creating “your game” right away.

“Camera Tool” to move freely in 3D space and project every scene in the game.
The “Camera Tool” can be used to create camera work to enhance the scene while moving around the field, during battles, and various other event scenes. You can use the mouse to move the camera over the preview, then use the properties to set the viewing angle and point of view to determine how the scene will appear in-game. By adding frames to the timeline, adjusting connecting movement between frames and by controlling the degree of applied post-effects, emotional camerawork can be created for a scene.

Support for point light sources for subgraphs, which was highly requested by users, enable/disable subgraphs, and a random placement stylus have been implemented.
Since the release of this tool, we have received many requests from many people through the Steam community and social media sites. The development team has worked to meet your requests and has now implemented two requested features: “support for a bright spot on a sub-graph” and “turning a sub-graph on and off by an event” .

These allow, for example, that “fire pedestals in a cave can be lit to light up the surroundings” or “a sword carried by a character with a subgraph can be attached or detached using an event “.

Additionally, a “random placement pen” has been implemented to add randomness to the scale and Y-axis rotation angle of objects placed on maps. For example, when trees are arranged using this feature, they can form a more natural forest than a uniform row of trees, because the trees are placed at random scales and orientations within the specified range. It can also be used to place natural objects such as rocks or cluttered boxes, a feature that can produce some interesting results depending on your ideas.

“RPG Developer Bakin” is currently available on the Steam page for you to add to your wishlist. The latest information about “RPG Developer Bakin” can be found on the Steam community and social networking sites. We’ll also answer your questions, so be sure to check them out.

RPG Developer Bakin News

RPG Developer Bakin
Early Access Start Date: October 3, 2022 (PDT)
Early Access start price: $69.99 (USD)

TOKYO GAME SHOW 2022 Booth Number: Makuhari Messe Hall 1 1-S60 SmileBoom

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