Sad Panthers fan is happy the Panthers finally stop destroying Cam Newton ::

The Panthers have been an offensively contested franchise for most of their existence, and in part because they’ve been largely pretty contested by the quarterback. The arrival of Cam Newton changed that.

And yet, the way they have treated Cam since arriving in Charlotte – giving him as a decent offensive line (at best), waiting too long to put guns around him at skill points, playing him while being injured in several times – INCLUDING WITH A LISFRANC INJURED THIS YEAR DESPITE RON RIVERA INSISTING HE LOVES HIS RELIEF QUARTERBACKS – has been, well, like this:

Newton isn’t a perfect, even healthy, quarterback. But how quickly some Panthers fans were ready to fall in love with Kyle Allen just because he won a win over New Orleans saves in Week 2 and then beat a bad Cardinals team is telling. of how equally willing they are to throw out Newton. like the franchise itself.

Every throw or moment of Newton’s career has been dissected, every wandering throw indictes his pocket passer abilities, every rushed attempt is further evidence for those who think he can’t throw that he has to run for. to be efficient. (And his ability to run is what makes him that, so we’re clear.) Downfield-oriented attack Mike Shula ran (which included more difficult throws), bad offensive lines and the lack of adequate skill positional players was no excuse – any missed pitch by Newton meant he was grossly inaccurate. He did not do the right readings. I couldn’t read a defense, you know.

And at least a few times per game, Newton would indeed have a pitch that made you scratch your head. But when his completion percentage increased dramatically in Norv Turner’s offense due to shorter throws, accuracy was rejected when in reality a lack of more of that in Newton’s previous offenses is what led to some of its lower completion percentages. So suddenly the nuance was applicable when it never was before.

Ah, don’t worry! Nuance was going goodbye again as members of the media cited Kyle Allen being 2-0 in his last two starts and Newton being 0-8 in his last eight, once again forgetting the whole Newton injury issue for virtually all of these, especially the two this year. But it’s good ! Nuance has no place when you run your QB WINS like this!

And what really stinks when I watch Kyle Allen play well – and good for him, by the way, seriously! – is that I can not really take advantage of it. Because that means one more week with Ron Rivera. This means more and more people are saying Cam Newton needs to be put on the bench and dismiss everything he has done for the franchise. It means validating the bad decision making that got everyone to this point. It prolongs this era which has been so savagely mismanaged. Do I think David Tepper will end up doing the right thing? Yes. But this latest episode with Newton’s injury only adds to a long and sordid story.

Every time Ron Rivera trotted with Cam Newton and pretended he wasn’t injured, last year and this one, it not only compromised Newton’s actual health, but also the way people viewed him. Newton continued to do it without fighting too much because he wants to play it all, despite his detractors who only pointed out his failure to dive on a fumble during the Super Bowl or his outfits as evidence of a lack of tenacity. He could play with his arm hanging from his body and when he forced a wandering throw those same people would shake their heads and go “see, look how it’s always been inaccurate!”

Instead of defending the quarterback who did these things for him, Rivera instead insisted that he was fine and playing nothing or nothing to do here, folks. If he’s not playing well, it’s fair to him. Doesn’t he throw deep or take off and run? Not an injury; just Cam’s own decision making. It was something Ron had actually said.

And so if Kyle Allen can keep playing that way, that’s ultimately a good thing. This means Rivera won’t rush Newton to save his own work. This means Newton can maybe – JUST MAYBE – be in good health instead of being fired 11 days after suffering an injury at Lisfranc, which is totally unacceptable. This means that he can also save some of the reps from his bad shoulder.

In the meantime, the media continues to pile up and fans will continue to stack their favorite scapegoat. They will no longer be able to do it in the field.

To be. Better.

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