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Several hosts leave ABC Game Show

the hunt going to look a little different next season. decision maker reported that two of the “hunters” – Ken Jennings and Mark “The Beast” Labbett – would be leaving the show. Not only are they leaving the show, but The hunt brings in new hunters to join the show, including a former Peril! champion.

The new season of The hunt will debut on ABC on May 3. But, the premiere will be short of two of its famous hunters. Jennings and Labbett will not return to the series. Jennings, of course, made his name on Peril! and continues to serve as interim host alongside Mayim Bialik. As for Labbett, he was the first hunter when The hunt debuted in the United States in 2013, by Huffington Post United Kingdom. Labbett was later invited to join the show’s revival for ABC in 2021 and he was one of four panel pursuers along with Jennings, James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter.

In light of the news that Jennings and Labbett would be leaving the show, the official Twitter account of The hunt shared that three new people would join the program. The new panel will include Victoria Groce, Brandon Blackwell and Buzzy Cohen. Peril! fans will remember that Cohen is one of the most successful Peril all-time competitors and recently returned to host the Tournament of Champions in early 2021. Labbett responded to news about the new panel on The hunt by Twitter. According to his statement, he is not the happiest with his departure.

“Hard to not be invited again, but really excited about the new lineup,” he wrote. “I expect Brandon and Victoria to wow America :).” Labbett explained in more detail to a fan that the show “just didn’t renew me” and added, “No reason was given”. Jennings also took to social media share his thoughts on all the news. the Peril! The champion also managed to prank Holzhauer in the process, writing, “I already miss all the lovely people at @TheChaseABC, and the great trivial minds, and James.”

Some fans have speculated that Jennings’ exit from The hunt means he could have a more dedicated role on Peril!. Right now, Peril! still hasn’t shared who will take over from Alex Trebek as the quiz program’s permanent host. Following the Mike Richards fiasco and his firing, Jennings and Bialik served as hosts of the show. Now that Jennings has more time to devote to Peril! after his The hunt exit, could that mean it will be the new permanent host? Only time will tell.