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911 caller said suspect was attempting to steal helicopter

Map, Shoshone County Airport. Forest fires today / Google Earth.

On Saturday, July 17, wildland firefighters at the Shoshone County Airport in Smelterville, Idaho, 30 miles southeast of Coeur d’Alene, encountered a dangerous situation that is not covered by the dozens of courses. training they are taking.

From the Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office:

At approximately 5:52 p.m., the Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) dispatch received a call to 911 reporting an armed subject approaching firefighters in their helicopter at the Shoshone County Airport in Smelterville Idaho. A second 911 caller reported that the subject was attempting to steal a helicopter.

At the airport during this incident, there were between 30 and 70 firefighters on the scene due to the local active fires.

At approximately 5:57 p.m., an SCSO deputy arrived at the scene and quickly located the armed suspect (Oregon resident). The suspect then discharged a handgun several times into the ground and into the air as firefighters fled the immediate surroundings. The SCSO deputy ordered the suspect to drop the weapon, he executed shortly after and was taken into custody with the help of a second SCSO deputy and a soldier from Idaho State Police without further incident. Several other units from the SCSO and other law enforcement agencies arrived shortly after.

For greater clarity, NO law enforcement officer discharged a firearm and no one was injured during this incident.

The investigation is ongoing and no further information will be released at this time.

Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office report ended.

In the video below, the narrator says he’s at the airport in Kellogg, Idaho. Kellogg is immediately east of Smelterville.

Map, Shoshone County Airport
Map of the surrounding area, Shoshone County Airport. Google Earth.

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