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Silent Hill creator Slitterhead’s new game unveiled at The Game Awards

Since February this year, Keiichiro Toyama, the creator of the famous horror series silent Hill, teased an upcoming horror project under his new independent company Bokeh Game Studio. Now, Toyama has finally revealed this new game, titled split headto Game rewards 2021. Although the trailer for split head didn’t reveal any gameplay, it gave gamers a taste of the kind of horror they can expect from veterans silent Hill director.

The beginning of the trailer gives an incredibly brief summary of the journey that led Toyama to create this new game. Of course, this summary begins by mentioning the 1999 release of the original silent Hill, and he notes that “Toyama chose horror as the genre for his first directorial work.” Then he talks about the formation of Bokeh Game Studio in 2020 before declaring that “he came back to face a new challenge in horror”.

What else did the trailer show?

As for the rest of the trailer, it certainly delivered on the ghosts, as much of it consists of people splitting apart to transform into grotesque, eldritch abominations. Beyond that, the trailer shows plenty of other bizarre happenings, like a character forming a blood blade. Interestingly, the end of the trailer showed that the legendary silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka provided the soundtrack for split headwhich will undoubtedly delight fans of his work.

Considering how long fans of silent Hill have been waiting for a new entry in the series, the announcement of split head will likely come as incredibly exciting news for them. Sure, Separation head could end up as a radically different game from silent Hill, but it might still scratch an itch that hasn’t been scratched in a long time. Predictably, the trailer didn’t show a release date, so those interested will have to wait more for that besides actual gameplay footage.