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Spotlight on Letter Appreciation: Joe Sabino

MARVEL.COM: What was the first thing that obsessed you as a kid?

JOE SABINO: I think it was He-Man. I have all the figures, Castle Grayskull etc.

MARVEL.COM: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

JOE SABINO: Be fun to work with, be good at what you do, and work in a timely manner.

MARVEL.COM: What is your superpower?

JOE SABINO: So far: it’s not dying.

MARVEL.COM: What inspires you?

JOE SABINO: The fact that people really like and invest in the projects I work on. Comics are so ingrained in the culture. It’s always funny when I get the “So what are you doing?” issue in social situations.

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