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‘Squid Game’ creator is working on a ‘more violent’ movie called ‘Killing Old People Club’

The creator of squid game plans to stir the pot again with his recently announced feature film, his first since the buzzy series took Netflix by storm. As first reported by VarietyHwang Dong-hyuk revealed that his next project is the scary title Kill the old people’s cluba film based on the work of famous Italian essayist Umberto Eco.

The problem? Hwang promised that this new film would be “more violent” than squid game. (Because squid game wasn’t violent enough?!) While discussing the project during a session at MipTV with his squid game producer Jun Young Jang, the creator said Kill the old people’s club will be “another controversial film” – so controversial, in fact, that he joked that he was already planning to hide from the elderly after its release.

Although he has already written a 25-page treatment for the film, Hwang added that he now plans to return to South Korea to complete the second season of squid game. Don’t expect those new episodes anytime soon, though: Hwang says he hopes the second season will be ready by the end of 2024. squid game electoral party, anyone?

After debuting on Netflix in September last year, squid game became one of the streamer’s biggest shows, garnering 1.65 billion hours of viewing in more than 142 million member households worldwide. Shortly after plans for a second season were revealed, the cast won a few Golden Globes and SAG Awards for their performances.

While squid game is by far the creator’s biggest breakthrough, Hwang has been working in the entertainment industry since the early 2000s, with most of his previous work encompassing feature films and short films. three of his films, Miss Granny, Quietand The fortressare currently streaming on Netflix, although none are as violent as squid game. And by that metric, they’ll likely pale in comparison to the gore promised in Kill the old people’s club. You were warned.