Star City Games announces the return of SCG Tour Online

Star City Games has been known for many years as one of the largest retailers, event planners and content creators related to Magic: The Gathering, sponsoring events in numerous Magic formats, in person and online. The SCG tournament circuit is large and respected enough that their events often feed into official MTG tournaments sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. Sadly, the realities of the Covid-19 pandemic still affected the SCG tournament circuit, and all of their tabletop events had to be canceled or forced online in early 2020.

The events of the SCG Tour Online have mostly continued throughout the pandemic, although until this morning (July 20) they had not announced any new events since May 2021, when the SCG Strixhaven Championship Qualifier announced. served as the feeding event for the official Strixhaven Weekend and Championship Qualifier. Today, however, SCG announced the return of the SCG Tour Online, starting with satellite events that will fuel the $ 5,000 MTG Arena Championship playoffs from late July through mid-October.

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Interestingly, what and when this MTG: Arena Championship actually refers is very much in question. It does not appear to be referring to the XXVII World Championship, which will have already taken place at the end of the next SCG circuit. In May, Wizards of the Coast caused an uproar in the competitive MTG community by announcing the discontinuation of the current organized gaming system without any details on what would replace it. Wizards still haven’t officially announced any major events after the upcoming World Championship, but this announcement from SCG makes it very clear that there will be some form of Magic Arena Championship in the future. There is a page on for qualifying weekends that SCG qualifiers feed into, but the only information regarding which players are qualifying for is intentionally vague:

The Qualifying Weekend is a two-day event held on Magic: the gathering arena in which the best eligible players at the end of the event will receive invitations to participate in a future Championship event (name of the event, date and format (s) to be announced).

We still don’t know what the Magic Arena Championship will look like exactly, but it appears on the surface that it may be similar to the Mythic Championships that initially replaced the Pro Tour in 2019. We will keep our eyes open for any new information or announcements from Wizards regarding this new championship, but in the meantime the new SCG Tour Online events will start from next weekend. See below for dates:

SCG Tour # 1-4 Online Satellites SCG Tour # 5-8 Online Satellites Qualification for the SCG Tour Online 5K Championship
friday 23 july Saturday July 24 Sunday July 25
Friday July 30 Saturday July 31 Sunday August 1
Friday August 6 saturday 7 august Sunday 8 August
Friday August 27 saturday 28 august Sunday 29 August
Friday, September 10 Saturday September 11 Sunday 12 September
Friday October 1 saturday 2 october Sunday October 3
Friday October 8 saturday 9 october Sunday 10 October
Friday, October 15 saturday 16 october Sunday 17th October

For those who wish to participate, all online SCG Tour satellites are open to the public, requiring only an entry fee of $ 8. All SCG tournaments will be hosted on MTGmelee, and we will provide full coverage of decklists and results here on MTGA Zone every week.

In addition to the online events, SCG announced the return of its SCG CON in person from October 29-31. The convention will take place in Roanoke, Va., And feature the Star City Games Invitational Standard tournament on paper. Players participating in the SCG Tour Online will have a chance to qualify for this event in addition to the Ambiguous Arena Championship.

For more information on the SCG Tour Online and the SCG CON, please see the official SCG announcement as well as their information and registration page on the SCG Tour Online.

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