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Steam Deck docks are on display at the Tokyo Game Show

While Steam Deck owners can still wait a bit before getting their hands on the officially supported Steam Deck dock themselves, Valve is using its own dock hardware while exhibiting at the Tokyo Game Show.

Although they are not for sale, they are used to demonstrate games at the big game fair in Japan, and Steam Deck fans have seen the units and shared images on the subreddit forum, attracting pay particular attention to the ports on the back of the docking station. systems.

clear_look_at_the_back_of_the_official_steam_deck from r/SteamDeck

“[Here’s a] look clearly at the back of the official Tokyo Game Show Steam Deck Dock,” a Redditor reported (thanks, NME (opens in a new tab)). “Every unit they had on display was on a dock.”

The post included a wonderfully clear photo of the rear, which appears to show some USB-B ports, an Ethernet port, an HDMI port, and a USB-C port that appears to power the system.

This caused a bit of consternation among fans who were hoping for more USB-C ports, but on the plus side, using the docks in public like this hopefully means the dock could go on sale sooner rather than later. possible. Let’s watch this space, huh?

Remember that Valve is still asking players to list the dock if they want to buy one, so head over to the official Steam page (opens in a new tab) if you haven’t already.

Valve confirmed in June that its the official Steam Deck dock had been delayed indefinitely due to production issues (opens in a new tab).

The company said the delay was “due to parts shortages and COVID shutdowns at our manufacturing facilities,” though those parts shortages don’t affect the manufacturing of the Steam Deck units themselves. Valve previously said it hoped the official dock would be available in late spring, but it looks like that plan won’t materialize.

Valve said that regardless of the delays, “the team continues to work on improving the dock experience for Steam Deck with all USB-C hubs and external displays” and while the official dock won’t release Soon, you can already take advantage of this feature with any number of generic USB-C docks, many of which offer an HDMI output, allowing you to connect your Steam Deck to a TV, Nintendo Switch style.

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