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Steven Spielberg Called ‘Squid Game’ Cast ‘Unknown’ and Fans Are Furious

Steven Spielberg feels the heat of squid game fans online after commenting on the show’s cast during a panel.

On Saturday, Spielberg spoke about the hit Netflix show during a PGA Awards panel. According to Deadlinethe director applauded the Korean drama for changing the industry.

squid game comes along and completely changes the math for all of us,” Spielberg said. He thanked Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos, who was seated in the audience.

“A long time ago, it was the national stars who brought audiences to the cinema,” he added. “Today is interesting [that] strangers can play in whole mini-series, can be in movies.

The remark came during a conversation about the importance of high-profile stars in casting and how digital streaming services have created space for unknown actors to successfully anchor shows and movies. .

While the West Side Story director praised the most-watched show on Netflix, fans were quick to point out that the squid games the cast is, in fact, very well known.

The show stars Lee Jung-jae as the main character, Gi-hun, Park Hae-soo, famous model Hoyeon, Anupam Tripathi, Wi Ha-Joon, and Kim Joo-Ryung, to name a few- one. Fans pointed out that even though these actors aren’t well known to Western audiences, many of them are very well established in South Korea and have the awards to prove it.

They believe that Spielberg’s comments come from a very US-centric point of view.

“Argggg more ethnocentrism thanks to Americans who can’t see beyond their own borders,” one person tweeted. “What a series like squid game illustrate is the exact opposite: that people around the world are happy with content other than English/White/American entertainment.

Others say people miss the meaning of the director’s commentary.

Either way, his remarks certainly created an online discussion. Here is more reaction from squid games Fans.

Fortunately, due to its immense popularity, squid games Season 2 has been confirmed, so if you didn’t know the cast, you definitely know them now!