Tampa veteran gets carried away after ordering treadmill online to get in shape for multiple surgeries

The treadmill went to a Tampa warehouse in Mary, but couldn’t get answers as to when it would receive it

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Gerald Hicks ordered – and paid for – a new treadmill in early May. It was delivered right away to a warehouse in Tampa, but got stuck there.

Hicks ordered the treadmill from ProForm to exercise at home to prepare for several surgeries. The Vietnam War veteran suffered from cancer and heart problems. He says his heart therapy ended due to COVID and that’s why he wanted the treadmill.

“I can feel myself getting weaker,” he explained. “My leg muscles, my arms. My shortness of breath appears earlier than before.

So, in early May, he ordered a treadmill from ProForm and paid the full amount of $ 1,846. He was told the treadmill was delivered on May 17 to a warehouse for NSD, but he said customer service would not tell him exactly where it was so he could pick it up himself.

Hicks said there were excuses but no answers.

“You have my money,” he said. “You have almost $ 1,900 of my money. You had no problem removing this from my account but cannot tell me the address or phone number where the treadmill is located? “

That’s when he knew he better call Behnken. I made calls and emailed ProForm and NSD. Hours later, an NSD vice president called to apologize. A few days later, Hicks’ treadmill finally arrived.

An NSD spokesperson said there would be an investigation into what went wrong. He said there had been delays due to labor shortages linked to COVID, but he called the delay “excessive”.

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