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Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Reveals Family Home Map

The developers of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game have launched a closer look at the Family House map, which appears to have several points of interest.

Developers behind The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game showed a closer look at the family home map, which appears to feature various points of interest. Gun Interactive and Sumo Digital unveiled The Texas Chainsaw Massacre multiplayer game during The Game Awards 2021, teasing an asymmetric online experience similar to Friday the 13th: the game. Instead of trying to outsmart Jason Voorhees at Camp Crystal Lake, Gun Interactive’s latest title will task players with dodging and dodging Leatherface, specifically the version that appeared onscreen during the character’s 1974 debut.

Since announcing the project late last year, Gun Interactive has continued to release new information piecemeal. And it seems the dev team’s commitment to authenticity knows no bounds. For a, Friday 13 Kane Hodder will reprise his role as Leatherface for the game, having previously performed stunt work for the character in Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. And Ed Neal, who played the hitchhiker in Tobe Hooper’s original film, will take on the same role in the upcoming interactive adventure. With series veterans returning for The Texas Chainsaw Massacreit makes sense that the game’s locale also reflects incredible attention to detail.


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After recently showing recreated locations from the 1974 classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre the developers unleashed a closer look at the Family House map. The top-down view of the map features the front and center of the house, with a few points of interest scattered around as well. In the tweet accompanying the image in question, Gun Interactive added that similar posts for the Gas Station and Slaughterhouse locations will appear this week.

The three aforementioned cards were already confirmed several months ago. Whether or not more game spaces will be present when The Texas Chainsaw Massacre currently launching remains a mystery. But the overview of the Family House map suggests that Gun Interactive’s unique take on asymmetrical horror will give users plenty of room to move around.

While Friday 13: The Game’s the slasher experiment pits seven survivors against Jason, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre plans to up the ante with 3v4 matches. Thus, three members of the family will attack four victims, none of whom will be able to kill their attackers. And since the game is set in the months leading up to the first film, longtime fans of the series should probably expect a few surprises.

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is in development for PC and consoles.

Source: Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Twitter

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