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The game awards ceremony will take place in twenty22

While all eyes are on Gamescom Opening Night, including those of Geoff Keighley himself, the moderator has a huge passion for the game’s awards. The awards show will return in 2022 and will come with plenty of prizes , including in addition to an announcement of prices and trailers.

In order to mark the date boldly in your calendar, Geoff Keighley posted his Twitter message, showing it, “To celebrate the world of gaming 2022 on December 10th and again, to the world through a live stream.”

Film: When will the game take place in 2022?

As part of the announcement, Keighley said he had already seen a show full of surprises: We have a date! The Game Awards will be broadcast live worldwide on Thursday, December 8. It’s hard to believe this is our ninth show! I work all year round to serve you something special.

After we had time to marvel at a new Star Wars game, strategy title Dune, Hellblade 2, and many other exciting reveals last year, expectations are certainly very high again this year. But the question of that is just as exciting at games of the year, co-op at The Great One pushed to a new level of fame in 2021, the epic It Takes Two has taken the world and the winner awaits gold in 2022. The Elden Ring and the Horizon Forbidden West Ring are also strong contenders for the crown.

What games can you expect on Gamescom Opening Night?

But since The Game Awards 2022 begins in December, a few months ahead, there are a few things you can focus on: Gamescom Opening Night. It will take place tonight, from 8 p.m., and you will know how to watch the live stream.

The whole program is still a surprise, but a few titles to show have already been revealed: Sonic Frontiers, Hogwarts legacyThe Callisto Protocol, The Outlast Trials and Gotham Knights are just a first selection of these more than 30 games coming to our presentation today.

PC game readers like it too.

The Star Wars sequel is from The Game Awards 2021.

There were no jokes. Quantic Dream has announced that World Series II will launch in 2021. The cinematic trailer for the shoot is a first look at the high residency era.

Lost Ark: The New Game Awards Trailer Shows a Date!

Following the Game Awards on December 10, 2021, it wasn’t just that fancy trailer for Lost Ark, but now, when the action game hits Europe on October 11, 2022! Anyone with a Pioneer Pack can start playing three days earlier on February 8.

Monoliths is working on a wonder woman game which is in the future.

The superhero marvel is doing something new with Monolith Productions – a game that explains the divisive side of Middle-earth: War.

New items have also been confirmed for Lies of P, Honkai Star Rail, Goat Simulator 3, High on Life, The Expanse: Telltale Series, and Dying Light 2DLC Bloody Ties. In addition, the new brand of space startup Unknown Worlds will make its debut. You will have all the games tonight from 8 p.m. at that time. There may be surprises.

Geoff Keighley on Twitter / The Game Awards on YouTube.