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The Game Challenges Regina Hall’s Oscars Joke About LeBron James’ Hairline

The Game didn’t have a problem with the Oscars Hall host, but he did call the Academy. “See, they didn’t let Amy Schumer read that line,” he said.

While the world may be tired of hearing about the Oscars, The Game isn’t taking its foot off the Academy’s neck. The Los Angeles icon has expressed his displeasure with the Academy’s handling of Will Smith’s situation, and he’s also not happy with the critics’ responses. Ever since Smith slapped Chris Rock at the awards show, the Fresh Prince icon has faced global backlash and it doesn’t seem to be stopping.

Smith resigned from the Academy and it was reported that productions on his films had been halted, but many, including Game, used the moment to call out the powers that be. In fact, Game revisited a moment from the Oscars when host Regina Hall made a joke about LeBron James and the rapper thinks the Academy should be held accountable as well.

During the show, Hall said, “I was very disappointed that Space Containment 2 was not nominated in the special effects category for this hairline they gave LeBron James. That was really good!” James has been teased about his hairline for years, but Game took issue this time around.

“It’s one thing to be a beautiful black woman as accomplished as @morereginahall and not be able to give up reading a ‘joke’ clearly written for her by someone else (I’m assuming a white writer) , “says Game. “But another thing to try and clown a man of integrity, supreme character and class truly family-oriented on a stage where we are still not wanted and are not really rewarded than when they feel they should “throw a banana at the monkey” as my late grandma would put it.”

“It’s the same way they created Chris Rock with pre-written content that they knew would outrage Jada and Will. They didn’t think Will would smack him for it and that’s where things stand. get complicated… Because it backed Will Smith into a corner where he acted on a whim and had to stand up for his wife and make a decision that they’re trying to crucify him for I’m not personally shooting Regina Hall, or Wanda Sykes… I’m just saying, you know, they didn’t let Amy Schumer read that line. Besides, it’s cool to joke about us with us because us black people understand each other that way. C It’s only when it’s pre-written and they conspire ahead of time to use USA vs. USA again for their own humor.”

Game encouraged his followers to “STAY WATCH” and reiterated that “when I make jokes about my brother…he makes jokes back and it’s in a good mood. It’s only when we’re the target of their hate. deep rooted for us that I have a problem.” Many people agreed while some thought The Game was making a lot out of nothing. Check it out below.