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Tucson Retro Game Show Night will make you howl with laughter | Entertainment

It’s the kind of game show your grandparents used to watch on their Westinghouse and RCA televisions, except with more laughs, more adult themes, and much bolder wig and costume choices.

Retro Game Show Night, an impromptu comedy night featuring some of Tucson’s most talented drag queens and LGBTQ personalities, returns to the Club Congress stage on Saturday, May 14, after taking most of the past two years off. due to the covid19 pandemic.

The show’s producer, David Hoffman, said the team managed to put on a 10th anniversary show in December, between COVID surges, at the Congress Plaza Hotel, but he “didn’t the same intensity that the club brings”.

“In the club, you’re locked in,” Hoffman said. “The energy is rising. You can hear the audience a lot better. »

Hearing from the audience is essential for the folks at Retro Game Show, who are known for their regular interactions with people in the crowd, often bringing in willing attendees as competitors.

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In The Mismatch Game, the game chosen for this Saturday, viewers will fill in the blanks with a more adult version of the traditional Match Game, featuring characters from host Chatty Kathee; executive assistant Swish Manley; Bubba the queer redneck; drag Fulta Burstyn royalty; and the lonely Bernaise divorcee, whom Hoffman describes as “an insistent middle-aged cougar, always on the prowl.”

Almost everything that happens is unscripted.

“The game is our structure, but what people do with it surprises me,” Hoffman said. “It’s a very talented group. There’s no way I can write most of the stuff that happens.

This spontaneity is not lost on the competitors.

“You leave feeling good, like you’ve made a connection,” Hoffman said. “They’re having the time of their lives, whether they realize it or not.”

Hoffman hopes this weekend’s Retro Game Show Night will be the official return to a semi-regular schedule; once every two months, except for a follow-up to this May show in June.

Hoffman said he and his team are ready to make people laugh again.

“When something so unexpected happens on stage, the audience cries, they laugh so hard,” he said. “When that happens, I know my job is done and I can order myself another drink or two.”

Retro Game Show Night starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 at For more information, visit shownight