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Upcoming Mobile Action RPG Phantom Blade: Executioners Impress at Tokyo Game Show

Following its recent reveal at the Tokyo Game Show on October 3, S-Game has announced plans to release the third installment in its wildly popular Phantom Blade series, Phantom Blade: Executioners.

Currently slated for release in early 2022, the martial arts RPG looks set to continue the series’ traditions of providing fans with a dark, intricate narrative filled with compelling characters, fast-paced action, and stunning inspired 2D visuals. of cyberpunk presented with a trademark ink flourish.

Each chapter of the game will delve into an independent story involving one of its five main protagonists as they investigate a case of murder and witchcraft. Based on first impressions, you can expect plenty of mysterious characters and mind-bending twists involving: spirits, swordsmen, and a secret transforming power that can turn a human into a literal monster.

While the stunning visuals and imaginative story help set the stage for a truly compelling RPG, the game’s real blood and guts lie in its explosive combat, where skill chains of various combos can be used to launch attacks. devastating to opponents. The semi-open 2D level design also promises to deliver a rogue-like experience where plenty of exploration and interaction will be offered to the player.

Stay tuned for more information on Phantom Blade: Executioners as it develops – this looks like a title no action RPG fan will want to miss!

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