VIDEO: Track volunteer is completely transported by truck when she drops the finish line strip

There is a lesson to be learned in this video: NEVER choose the finish line strip over your own safety. It’s finish line ribbon, an inanimate object that has virtually no impact beyond a winner’s slight ego enhancement. A volunteer is a person and their mental health is far more important than the health of the band.

Case in point: the final of the New Balance Indoor Nationals 400-meter championship race. Taylor McLaughlin led the group of runners home (although he was later disqualified) to the line, which was supposed to be identified by the finish line tape. We insist on “supposed” because the whole idea of ​​the gang quickly went south when one of the two volunteers in charge of holding it fell to the ground just as McLaughlin, Rai Benjamin, and the first group of runners. arrived at the finish line.

Faced with the choice of either getting out of the way to save yourself, or rushing to pick up the band, this competition manager picked up the tape. It was a bad choice, as assured by the arrival of McLaughlin at this point, with the teen runner flattening the potential ribbon holder completely.

There is only one word that applies here: “Ouch!”

As our Gannett brothers noted at The Big Lead, the FloTrack announcer in a separate video nicknamed the volunteer after someone who had been “sausage wham”. This too seems quite applicable. She was wham sauce, all because she insisted on picking up the tape. Sometimes it’s better to let it go.

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