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Viera TV Launches Student-Produced Game Show | Schools

It’s a game show with a high school twist, like a smelly shoe, or maybe even a whipped cream pie… if you dare.

The Viera High School television production class last month launched a new game show called “On the Fly” which is designed to be as fun for the audience as it is for the contestants.

Junior Lindsey Ott developed the student-directed production at the request of Professor Michael Szabo.

“The overall concept is a mix of all the game shows I’ve seen,” said Ott, who is also the show’s host.

“We have (pop culture oriented) anecdotes that are based on ‘Jeopardy’, but the anecdotes have different levels of harshness. There is a ladder. We ask them these questions and they can answer… each question is worth 100 points, but if they have no idea what it is, they can complete a challenge for half the points.

“The challenge for the show we just shot was to smell this guy’s shoe. I am thinking of bringing whipped cream to make pies just to make it more (fun). They don’t know the challenge when they choose it.

Senior Lili Rose Zayak, sophomore Sophia Jolie Zayak and sophomore Cole Mayer were the nominees for the broadcast version of the show. They are part of ClubTV which meets every Wednesday.

“The funny thing is you think you know it, so you’re really confident in your answer and then you’re wrong,” said Lili Rose Zayak. “Or, you just throw out a random response.” … And that was the answer.

“It’s funny.”

Viera students will also have the chance to get involved and maybe even win a prize.

“At the end of the show, I have a question that goes directly to the camera,” Ott said. “Today was ‘Which country consumes the most chocolate.’ Whoever calls Mr. Szabo (and is) the first person to say that Switzerland receives a gift card.

Szabo, who started a student-run internet radio station – WVHS – hopes the idea of ​​having real-world experiences like this will generate more interest in the classroom and the club.

“We’re trying to create an agenda and get people involved,” he said. “It’s growing. I’m excited about it. It’s good for the kids. They really learn a lot.

“… These students did a really great job. I am very proud of them.

Ott, who came to Viera from Richmond Hill, Georgia, was a producer for her old school’s news program. When Szabo told her he wanted to start a game show, she started researching.

“I had never done a game show before. I had focused mainly on the news, ”said Ott. “So I just started watching old reruns and I was like, ‘I like this, but I hate it. So I got everything I liked out of it, all the different shows that I watched. It took a few weeks to plan and polish everything.

The show is already creating a buzz on campus. Ott said one of his teachers asked him every day when the show would air.

“My friends are all interested in it,” said Sophia Jolie Zayak. “… They all want to see it and laugh about it. It’s just something to add to the day in class.