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Warhammer 40k Space Marines II unveiled at Game Awards

At the Game Awards 2021, Focus Entertainment and Interactive Saber showed off the trailer for their upcoming Warhammer 40k video game, Space Marines II! So let’s dive into what the game will bring us as we fight the Xenos forces of the Tyranids!

The trailer opens with three Thunderhawk gunships flying toward a planet of the Imperium under attack by the Tyranids of the Leviathan Hive Fleet. The trailer zooms in on the wing showing the Imperial Eagle before moving on to a small platoon of Astramilitarum fighting in a courtyard. The shootout is almost lost before the Thunderhawk gunship roars and three Space Marines from the Ultramarines chapter crash to the ground.

The Ultramarines do the quick work of the Tyranids. First, the lieutenant tears off the head of the Tyranid warrior; we then get a fantastic photo showing the Marines towering over the Imperial Guard forces with one of them muttering “His Angels”. Space Marines are known as the Emperor’s Angels of Death. We then see an aerial shot of a massive battle in the rest of the city before the lieutenant takes off his helmet, revealing the protagonist of the first game Titus!

We also get a few gameplay shots, including Titus using a Jump Pack to fly through a Horde of Nests, using a Bolter to take down a horde of incoming Xenos, and running behind an Imperial Guard as a Chimera rolls over a bridge.

The few gameplay clips are amazing and show the scale and awesome detail the game will bring! Sadly, Focus Entertainment has given no release date, but the final game will be available for Xbox Series X, Windows PC, and PlayStation 5!

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