Game show

Watch Orlando City Council candidates compete in a game show style event

Former city council candidate and social activist Jeff Horn has teamed up with Savoy Orlando owner Brandon Bracale-Llewellyn and local theater mogul and quiz host Michael Wanzie to host a ‘get to know you’ style panel. “in a game show style event on Thursday, October 14 at the aforementioned Ivanhoe Village bar.

To note: Michael Wanzie recently shared a 20 Questions style fact sheet with a series of questions with the 2021 Orlando municipal candidates that you can read in full. HERE.

During Wanzie’s Happy Hour Trivia TV Gaye Show, traders will be able to enjoy the spectacle of city council candidates answering a range of non-political questions. Each candidate will be allowed to make brief self-promoting remarks regarding their campaigns as they take the stage, before engaging in light competition.

All eight candidates were invited to participate and at the time of this post, three had answered the call; Samuel Chambers – District 3, Nicolette Springer – District 3 and Shan Rose – District 5.

The event will take place from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Starlite room in Savoy, located at 1913 N. Orange Avenue [GMap]. It’s free to attend.

Following this statement from Savoie owner Brandon Bracale-Llewellyn earlier this month, we believe Commissioner Stuart will not be attending the event.