What Sam Pittman said in recapping Ole Miss play, ahead of Auburn

By: Matt Jones

Publication: Monday, October 11, 2021

• Pittman said he was excited to play a home game after three straight games away from state.

• He said Auburn QB Bo Nix has the ability to shake a lot of things. He said the Tigers are “really physical” and well trained. He said the defensive line is dominant again.

• Pittman has asked fans to show up for the start of the game. He said the local audience played a role in the Razorbacks’ victory over Texas and the loss to Georgia. “I’m just telling you the football team needs supporters. We need them here on Saturday.”

• Without giving details, Pittman said there will be defense changes going forward. He said the team didn’t get Ole Miss QB Matt Corral on the pitch and “secondary support was poor”.

• Pittman said the edge support was not good defensively, and the defense broke the covers at Ole Miss.

• Pittman said the team needed to improve on both sides, but the “blatant deal” was about defense at Ole Miss.

• Pittman said he wondered if he should try to use the end of last year at Auburn as motivation this week.

• Pittman said one motivation is to stay undefeated at home. He said it had been a long time since the Razorbacks lost a home game.

• Pittman said he was proud of the Razorbacks’ situation in the middle of the season, but said they would rather be better than 4-2.

• Pittman said Jalen Catalon had a broken hand. He said he thought Catalon could have intercepted a pass without the cast he’s wearing. Pittman said he believes there will be a cast on Catalon for the remainder of the season.

• Pittman said Warren Thompson needs to be better as a tackle and learn offense, but credited Thompson with catching big passes in recent games.

• Pittman said defensive back Trent Gordon was injured, but did not specify. Gordon has only played two games this season. Pittman has said he hopes Gordon can play against Auburn this week.

• Pittman called the Auburn QB Bo Nix “amazing. He spreads the games as well as anyone in the country.” Pittman said the team will be working on their practice jamming exercise this week to prepare for Nix. He said his ability to run the ball was a concern this week.

• Pittman said Auburn coach Bryan Harsin did a good job surrounding himself with strong coordinators, former Colorado State coach Mike Bobo on offense and former Vanderbilt coach Derek Mason on defense. .

• Pittman said Auburn wants to play a lot of plays in the inside zone. He said it reminded him of what Georgia ran during her time as an assistant coach there. He mentioned Bobo’s ties to Georgia as a former quarterback and assistant, and said Bobo was often at Georgia’s practices during the time Pittman was there as an assistant.

• Tackle Dalton Wagner has an injured finger that “came out on him and they couldn’t get it back in”. It required surgery and he is missing “for a while”. He indicated that Wagner had played through the injury in previous games.

• Pittman said he was proud of Ole Miss’s offensive line play. He said guards Brady Latham and Beaux Limmer responded well to challenges in training last week and Ty Clary played well on the tackle. He said Luke Jones can “be a swing guy” and back down on tackle. He said Jones impressed in practice last week.

• Pittman said Catalon broke his hand at Texas A&M, but wasn’t sure what exact game.

• Pittman said he can’t recall appearing in so many straight games at 11 a.m. (next week’s UAPB game in Little Rock has been announced for this time – the Razorbacks’ fourth straight start on morning). Pittman has indicated that he enjoys the first few games because it gives more time to assess what went right or wrong.

• Pittman said RB Dominique Johnson is the team’s best passing protector. “He really enjoys blocking … He really enjoys the physicality of the game. I was very happy with him.” Pittman said Johnson needs to carry the ball more, but there are so many deserving backs it’s “hard to choose.”

• Pittman praised KJ Jefferson’s play at Ole Miss. He said Jefferson “had some really good shots” and “is becoming a well-rounded guy.” He said Jefferson showed tenacity during the game.

• Pittman said Jefferson was one of the team’s most popular players “because of the way he runs his business and what he does on the football field.”

• Pittman said every receiver was covered on two-point play at the end of the Ole Miss game. He said the game had worked well in training in the week leading up to the game.

• Pittman said he wanted to keep Ty’kieast Crawford and Jalen St. John on guard to work on their development there.

• Arkansas is a favorite. Pittman said: “I’d rather be favored than a 22-point underdog.”

• Pittman was asked about the possibility that Ole Miss faked injuries on the defensive line. “The rule has to change. At the moment there is no penalty. I’m not saying the guys weren’t injured … A lot of them were cramped or whatever. happened to them. ”He said an opposing team hasn’t had as many injuries this year.

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