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Who won the OTV vs OTK episode of Mizkif’s Twitch game show “Parasocial”?

Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo’s Twitch Game Show parasocial has seemingly come to an end, as it hosted the finale on January 24, 2021. The special pitted two top content creation groups in the Twitch sphere, OfflineTV (OTV) and One True King (OTK), against each other. the other.

The OTV team consisted of Imane “Pokimane” Anys, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, John “Masayoshi” and OTK member Sukhbeer “EsfandTV” Brar, who replaced OTV member William “Scarra” Li.

OTK parasocial The team had Zack “Asmongold”, Rich “RichWCambell” Campbell, Emily “Emiru” Schunk and Vincent “Cyr” Cyr.

OTV takes the crown in Mizkif’s final parasocial

Unfortunately for fans of the streamer’s Twitch game show, the content creator has announced that the OTV vs OTK episode will be the finale. parasocial went off without a fuss, with OTV winning the trophy at the very end.

The first part of the show consisted of each member guessing a series of words related to the question being asked.

Responses to each prompt were collected beforehand from Mizkif’s Twitch chat. The board displayed the first letter of each word that players used to guess as they faced a time limit.

OTK won several rounds of the game, collected the most points and reached the score of 5400 against 3450 for OTV. This gave them a huge advantage in the second and final part of the show, where players were subjected to a Family Fued. -style question and answer game.

The answers to the questions were collected through a survey conducted in Mizkif’s chat, so players had to put themselves in the mindset of his fans in order to find the most popular answer.

Despite OTK’s advantage, however, the team ended up losing to OTV by just two points, with the final score being 95–97.

After the biting finale and a final commentary from the winners, Mizkif ended the stream with a message of gratitude to his viewers for supporting his 9-episode game show.

He also announced that he was working on a new show which would be announced “very very soon”, so viewers will have that to look forward to.

Mizkif’s game show was a hit within the mainstream Twitch community, with the finale amassing around 60,000-65,000 viewers on average and peaking at 90.7,000.

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