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Why Altus’ Big Game For The Tokyo Game Show Could Be The Re:Fantasy Project

In 2017, Re:Fantasy Project developer Atlus released personas 5, a game that forever changed the direction of the studio and ultimately helped establish it as one of the biggest mainstream JRPG studios outside of Japan, despite countless cult classics that came before it. In recent years, the game has been followed by other JRPGs such as Shin Megami Tensei 5 and the recent Soul Hackers 2. It even saw an expanded re-release in the form of Persona 5 Royalhowever in 2017, Atlus announced their next big IP, a game from some of the most important minds behind personas 5: Re:Fantasy Project.


Project Re:Fantasy: A Fool’s Journey Begins was first announced before personas 5 even released in the West, revealed in live stream in December 2016, only three months later personas 5 shipped to Japan. Since then the game has only seen a handful of updates, usually in the form of interviews with some of the game’s staff and despite lots of teasing it still hasn’t been fully featured. As the previous suggests Persona 6 could be revealed next Character concert, rather than Tokyo Game Show, it seems likely that Atlus’ big game for Tokyo Game Show 2022 next week could be Re:Fantasy Project.

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The story of the Re:Fantasy project

When announced in December 2016, Re:Fantasy Project turned out to be Atlus’ first fantasy RPG franchise, ditching the modern settings of games like Shin Megami Tensei 5 and personas 5. The game is being developed by an in-house team known as Studio Zero, which is led by key members of the development team from Persona 3, Persona 4and personas 5, including director Katsura Hashino, lead artist Shigenori Soejima, and composer Shoji Meguro. The game was announced with a developer recruitment announcement in Japanese gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu, stating that the title had just started pre-production.

Following his announcement, updates on Re:Fantasy Project have been in short supply for almost six years now, with fans only finding out the game is planned as a PlayStation 4 title via job postings on the Atlus website. In 2017, Hashino even confirmed that Studio Zero had started work on another non-fantasy title alongside Re:Fantasy Project. In 2018, he confirmed that the game was “halfway through” development, and in 2019, a song from the upcoming game was discovered in Studio Zero’s first official game release, an enhanced re-release from 2010. Katherine appointed Katherine: whole body.

Since 2019, Katsura Hashino has claimed in Atlus’ Weekly Famitsu New Years column that he hopes to reveal Re:Fantasy Project in the coming year, ultimately to no avail. In December 2020, he revealed that Re:Fantasy ProjectThe development of had reached its “peak”, but no new information was revealed in 2021 either. its peak.

While this lack of updates and repetitive iterations are somewhat frustrating, Re:Fantasy Project is one of Atlus’ most ambitious projects to date, emerging from a promising new studio of veterans and tackling a type of framework the studio has rarely tackled before. Atlus has also made a habit in recent years of keeping some games quiet until they’re close to release, like how Soul Hackers 2 was revealed just six months before its release, and how Shin Megami Tensei 5 went nearly three years without any updates before being revealed again just a year before release. This probably means that when Re:Fantasy Project re-emerges, it will likely be very close to its worldwide release.

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Why the Re:Fantasy Project Could Steal Tokyo Game Show 2022

Atlus is in a very interesting position for Tokyo Game Show 2022. Alongside its parent company Sega, the studio has one of the largest booths at the Tokyo Game Show show, but the only titles the studio has confirmed that it will present so far have been the remastered ports of Persona 5 Royal, persona 4 goldenand Persona 3 Portable. While Sega has some of its own titles and a few third-party titles it releases in Japan, such as Hogwarts Legacy and Gotham Knights, this big presence feels bad for a studio that only shows remasters. Atlus will direct another persona super live concert in October, and since the 2015 concert dropped the first personas 5 trailer, it seems unlikely that the studio will reveal Persona 6 on the game show.

This leaves an open opportunity for Atlus to present Re:Fantasy Project and give the title a huge blast ahead of next month’s potential Persona 6 announcement. Given that Re:Fantasy ProjectThe development team of consists of a large number of employees who previously worked on Persona 3, Persona 4and personas 5it is fair to expect that the next main line Character The game will see the series take some major changes which will indicate the change of development staff, ushering in a new era for the series. With that in mind, Atlus might consider offsetting any looming controversy by showcasing the ex-personas 5 the next developer game lead Persona 6likely to give fans even more RPGs to look forward to.

It’s also the first Tokyo Game Show in recent years that Atlus has attended without a big title outside of past remasters. Character securities. Unless Vanillaware announces its last game, after that of 2020 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rimit’s odd for one of Japan’s biggest JRPG publishers to enter the country’s biggest expo with no new titles, even despite the launch Soul Hackers 2 last month. In 2021, Atlus confirmed that it had around 10 games in development, which at the time likely included the Character remasters and Soul Hackers 2but that still leaves room for unannounced games, and previously announced games like Re:Fantasy Project to receive updates soon.

Even nearly six years after its reveal, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding Re:Fantasy Project. All fans really know is that it’s developed by formerCharacter personal and will feature a fantastic setting. Other than that, it’s unclear whether the game will utilize the standard turn-based combat present in other Atlus games or be the studio’s first step into action RPG combat. It’s also unclear if the game is still planned for PS4. With the past Character games are now making their way to PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PC, Re:Fantasy Project could also launch as a cross-platform title.

Hopefully these questions will be answered as soon as possible, but it looks like Atlus is planning Re:Fantasy Project to be his big reveal at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, especially if Persona 6 reveals itself at the next concert. Given that development of the game has been in late development for about two years now, it seems that even if Re:Fantasy Project does not appear at Tokyo Game Show 2022, its official reveal should be imminent.

Re:Fantasy Project is currently in development.

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