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Why Konami Fans Are Eagerly Waiting For Tokyo Game Show 2022

While some fans have been skeptical of Konami since it focused on Pachinko machines instead of big-budget video games, it still has some beloved franchises. On Reddit, one person said they hoped it would be a “Metal Gear” remake or remaster. Another person speculated that it could be some kind of “Castlevania” game. Others were more pessimistic about the announcement, writing, “Even though this is a new game for ‘Silent Hill’, [‘Metal Gear Solid’]or ‘Castlevania’, I don’t trust Konami to make a good game.”

Another fan suggested an asymmetrical “Silent Hill” multiplayer game that would align with the current horror game trend, like the recently announced “Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game.” Another person pointed out that the 45-minute show time seems long enough for Konami to be talking about just one game, suggesting it could be a bigger project announcement to fill that time. Known leak Twilight Golem took to Twitter to say they’d heard it might be a remastered “Metal Gear Solid” trilogy. They clarified that these will not be remakes, as some previous rumors suggested, but rather regular remasters. Fans will have to wait until September 16 to find out what Konami is working on.