Wilson Sonsini’s SixFifty targets China’s privacy law for latest tech tool

  • CEO Says Law Firm Subsidiary Thrives in “Tremendously Changing Areas of Law”
  • Adds to other automated products for privacy, employment

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(Reuters) – SixFifty, the technology arm of law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, continues to expand its automated privacy compliance product offerings with a new tool released Wednesday to help companies comply with China’s law on data privacy, which is due to come into effect on November 1. .

The product, which SixFifty says will allow businesses to create the custom documentation needed to comply within hours, complements the tech company’s existing software to comply with California privacy law and the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.

Palo Alto-founded law firm Wilson Sonsini, known for their work in the tech industry, launched SixFifty in February 2019. “Our goal is to be a comprehensive privacy compliance documentation service. Said Kimball Dean Parker, CEO of SixFifty. Parker said the company had the same ambition for employment law, the other area in which SixFifty offers automated tools.

The Chinese National People’s Congress passed the country’s new privacy law, the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPL), on August 20. as a base.

Chinese law, which overlaps with European data protection law, establishes rules for the collection, use and transfer of personal data. This adds to the growing list of laws that multinational companies comply with.

“We already have a range of companies that are ready for this,” Parker said, referring to the Chinese compliance solution, which SixFifty will sell for around $ 10,000.

The automated product uses companies’ responses to a series of questions to generate English and Chinese policies, impact assessments, contractual clauses and privacy notices, SixFifty said. The company also provides a system to help with data rights requests.

Parker said that privacy and employment are “areas of law that are evolving at the moment,” which lends itself to SixFifty’s automation efforts.

Beyond employment and privacy, SixFifty envisions expansion in areas such as tax and environment, social and governance (ESG), he said, adding that SixFifty likes to “help businesses navigate something new and complicated so they don’t have to spend $ 800 an hour using a law firm. “

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