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Woolworths supermarket shopper has shared a hack to find $5 Telstra and Optus Nokia mobile phones through the app

A Woolworths customer has revealed how bargain hunters can access a little-known sales section on the supermarket’s app.

Sharing on a popular Facebook group, the Woolies shopper shared screenshots of some of the discounted items available at her local store.

The bargain buys included a $129 Telstra prepaid Nokia 2.3 4GX mobile phone and a $99 Optus X Sight mobile phone which had both been discounted to just $5 each in select stores.

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Others noted that the $199 Vodafone LG K42 4G 64GB gray prepaid was also discounted to just $29 at their nearby Woolies, while $49 Kambrook kettles and toasters were available at their local store for only $7.35.

The shopper said he found the bargains by looking at the “buy in store” feature on his app and sorting the items by price.

“If you have time to spare, browse through the special offers of the Woolies app to ‘buy in store’ with low to high prices,” she wrote on the Markdown Addicts Australia The Facebook page. “In stock at my local at the moment.”

A Woolworths shopper spotted these cell phones discounted to just $5 at his local store. Credit: Markdown Addicts Australia/Facebook

Many Facebook users were excited to learn more about the sale section – and the cheap mobile phone deals available in some stores.

“So grateful for this page. I managed to score a $5 phone for my 10 year old son. He is more than happy,” said one.

Added another: “Mine is also $5 here in Melbourne. Kids will love them.

Wrote a third: “Yes, I know where I’m going tomorrow morning!”

Another wrote: “I love $5 phones. I’ve bought these for the last year or two for our five to use on WiFi, so much cheaper than tablets.

Added another: “Holy shit, it’s cheap!”

Cheap deals can be found in this section of the Woolworths app.
Cheap deals can be found in this section of the Woolworths app. Credit: Markdown Addicts Australia/Facebook

Cheap deals are believed not to be available at all stores and are subject to availability.

Buyer said bargains from your local store can be found by going to the “shop in store” section of the app. To change your local store, simply click on “change”.

“The option is to shop in-store, so you can’t add it to cart or anything – it just gives you details of price, location and availability,” he said. -she adds.

The 'buy in store' function can be found here.
The ‘buy in store’ function can be found here. Credit: Markdown Addicts Australia/Facebook