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xQc blasts The Game Awards for treating it like a “ghost”

Amid his nomination and loss to Ludwig at the Streamer Awards, xQc had fired back at various award shows for seemingly ignoring him at their ceremonies.

The Streamer Awards took place on March 12 and commemorated the community with a stacked list of nominees. Hosted by QTCinderella and Maya Higa, the awards show quickly broke records on Twitch.

Among the Streamer of the Year nominees was xQc, who lost to Ludwig, much to shroud’s surprise.

Now, xQc has expressed frustration with other shows such as The Game Awards and Esports Awards.

Twitch: QTCinderella

Ludwig won Streamer of the Year at the event.

xQc denounces price reductions for treating him like a “ghost”

During his March 13 stream, xQc answered questions about his experience at the Streamer Awards, where he spoke of his dismay at other events that left him out. xQc began his rant by saying “What is this? At the Game Awards, Esports Awards, or what-the-f***-awards, the fuckin’ shits act like I’m a ****** ghost!”

“Yo these suckers, I don’t know what it’s for, maybe it’s because of advertisers or similar sponsors, they act like I don’t exist ****** man,” said continued the streamer.

xQc’s rant didn’t end there as he claimed to be more popular than some of the annual awards events: “Bitch, I’m bigger than your event, p*ssy.” What’s wrong with these people man? Holy shit…this is crazy.

The streamer specifically took aim at The Game Awards for “inventing” a new category: “They invented a new category? Streamer of the Year…and the dude they named people who went live for 3 hours a day on average…that’s less content than people making videos.

The Game Awards have yet to be given a date for 2022, but it will certainly be interesting to see if xQc will be recognized in their nominations.