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“You hurt my brain”

Mayim Bialik hosts regularly Peril! for nearly six months, but she’s still battling to put her own spin on the beloved game show. Case in point: After Bialik called the show’s first round “Single Jeopardy!” (rather than its traditional name, “Jeopardy!”) During Thursday’s installments of Peril! and the national college championship, a number of longtime fans were pushed back.

After Bialik’s subtle name change, viewers took to Twitter to call out his supposed mistake.

“You hurt my brain when you say ‘Single Peril‘” a fan wrote, directly tagging Bialik. “Peril had enough change – stop trying to reinvent it please!”

However, Bialik also had his share of defenders online, who argued that fellow fans should be more open to change.

“Some people just can’t handle change,” another viewer wrote. “What @missmayim introduced just makes sense. If the second round is Double Peril, [then] the first round should be simple Periland they are both part of a whole, which is @Jeopardy.

And like another fan Put the: “I will exclusively refer to the first round of #Jeopardy as ‘Single Jeopardy!’ from now on simply because it seems to bother a lot of weirdos.

Peril! airs weeknights on ABC at 7/6c.

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